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Little Harbour Abaco

Many cruisers and Abaco landowners are upset at the proposed development at Little Harbour Abaco. Please take a look at the following link and sign a petition if you feel led to.

The website is, with a link to a petition.  Those deeply and actively concerned are hoping that more boaters will sign the petition and/or write letters.

Little Harbour, Abaco News

The following information is from a former cruiser/Little Harbour resident:

Southworth Development has just bought the Abaco Club at Winding Bay, 2 miles down the road from Little Harbour.  It has over 500 acres, a golf course, club house, etc., and has been in business for 11 years.  They also own a private home on one acre waterfront in Little Harbour, which they now plan to turn into a 44 slip private marina, plus private restaurant, plus bait and tackle shop, plus 6000 sq. ft of covered parking.  Obviously, we have issues with this.

It will take up a large part of the anchorage and necessitate moving some registered, long-established moorings, which will in turn mean even less room for everyone else in the anchorage.  It will be in direct competition with Pete’s Pub, 200 yards away, also with Pete’s dock rentals.  It will be private, Club members only, not available to cruising or local boats.  We have been led to believe that this isn’t even about boats, it’s about Club members wanting to increase their real estate values at Winding Bay by advertising them as “coming with a private dock”.

There are other concerns, but these are the main ones that apply to boaters.

Thanks for any publicity you can give us.  Here’s a link to our Facebook page.

All the best, Ali & Bob

Bahamas Regatta Schedule

Cruisers’ Regatta, Elizabeth Harbour, George Town, Exuma 2/19-2/28–10 days of fun activities for the cruising community, including racing

Family Island Regatta (same location) 4/23-4/26–Bahamian sloops compete with boats from all over

Long Island Regatta, Salt Pond 6/3-6/6–Bahamian sloops

Abaco Regatta, Sea of Abaco 7/4-7/12–Bahamian sloops

Andros Regatta, Morgan Town 7/9-7/12–Bahamian sloops

Cat Island Regatta, New Bight 7/31-8/3–Bahamian sloops

Harbour Island/Spanish Wells 10/9-10/12

NOTE:  Nassau has numerous regatta during the year. You can check the Royal Nassau Yacht Club for specifics.

Walker’s Cay Need Help

I am looking to make a trip to the Walkers Cay area this summer. Is Rosie’s a reliable stop to buy diesel? Is there a reliable source there for ice and groceries? Is there any source in the area to fill scuba tanks? What are you favorite spots in the Walkers Cay to Stranger’s Cay area for diving?  Thanks for any help!



Proposed Marina at Little Harbour, Abaco

We have been asked to publish this letter from cruisers in the Abacos concerning the proposed marina development at Little Harbour, Abaco:

Dear Mr. Southworth,

We are alarmed by your proposed marina development in Little Harbour and call on you to change your plan!

We visit Little Harbour by water and know its anchorage well. We fear that your enormous project would totally alter the character of a natural and cultural treasure recognized around the world.

Little Harbour is a very special community.  Its residents have always been in touch with its fragile nature and have chosen, for decades, to preserve and enhance its unique qualities.  Thanks to that careful stewardship, a priceless jewel of the Bahamas, right here in Abaco, continues to attract visitors from around the globe.

Mr. Southworth, we implore you to locate your 44 slip marina elsewhere!

Respectfully Submitted,

Sam and Kayda Selby, Margy Hyde, Dan and Marcia Crouch, Dianne Davis, David Baines, Jill and Chris Prewitt, Ralph and Jean Pope, Aletha Langham, Richard Storck, Al and Gloria Shapiro, Cliff and Marilyn Chappel, Jan Metcalf, Doug and Linda Behrendt, Frank and Barbara McKay, Greg Gubitz, Rocky and Joan Keith, Nancy Murdock, Randy Selden, Brian and Theresa Palmer, Ken and Elaine Langston, susan Maxman, Rolf Sauer

Spanish Cay Marina News

Spanish Cay Marina is under new management and working diligently to bring out the island’s potential.  All facilities are open.  Restaurant/bar open with reservation (few hours heads up – breakfast at 9/lunch 12/dinner 6.30).

Super Bowl at Treasure Cay


1 night FREE dockage for all new slip registrations* arriving on Friday, Saturday or Super Bowl Sunday, February 1, and staying for the Super Bowl Party.

For Slip reservations call:

242-365-8250 or 954-636-2776

Treasure Cay Farmers’ Market

You are invited to the start of something special at Treasure Cay.

The first in a series of Farmers’ Markets showcasing Bahamian food, plants, produce and crafts scheduled for Treasure Cay over the next few months will be held on January 17.

Local vendors from all over the island will come together to display and sell their offerings and join Treasure Cay in its Heritage Day Family Celebration.

Vendors will take you on a journey from organic sprouts, exotic plants and smoothies to original hummus blends, specialty ceramics and handmade jewelry. In addition, there will be local fresh conch salad and featuring homemade conch fritters to add to the mix of baked goods, jams and hot sauces. There will even be a massage therapist offering to rub out those troublesome kinks while enjoying the local fare.

The Farmers’ Market will be set up at Yankee Clipper Park on the Treasure Cay Central Green Space Saturday, January 17th 10:00am to 3:00pm.


New fuel and dockage survey on December 19, 2014

A new Fuel and Dockage Survey has been conducted and posted on December 19,  2014. Six Marinas raised dockage prices since last month and only one, Orchid Bay, lowered their rates. Diesel and Gasoline prices came down or remained the same at all marinas with the exception of Riding Rock at San Salvador where diesel was up $.10 and gasoline was up $.15. Following the world trend this is the biggest reduction in Bahamas fuel prices in years.

The December 19th  Fuel and Dockage Prices survey is available on the Explorer website at This month we attempted to have participating dealers email their prices to reduce the hours spent phoning each of them. Only a minority of them responded resulting in the continuing verification by phone. Fuel prices change frequently in the Bahamas and beginning January 1, 2015 VAT of 7.5% will be added to all products sold.



New fuel and dockage survey, November 7, 2014

A new Fuel and Dockage Survey has been conducted and posted on November 7,  2014. The highest dockage price in Bahamas increased even more as Albany Marina increased their overnight rate to $8.00 foot plus a $200 daily usage fee. Bluff House Marina has reopened and lowered their overnight dockage to $0.90 foot to be the lowest.

The November 7th  Fuel and Dockage Prices survey is available on the Explorer website at Please note that these prices are verified by phone on this particular day, not by emails covering a wide range of dates. Fuel prices change frequently in the Bahamas and the phone survey assures that you are getting the best comparison of prices in the various establishments.

Most fuel prices were down with only a few being up. The new snow bird season begins…